Mixed Tiles Pattern 18


Dreamy blue & white 16 tile pattern great for large space. Our fav!

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16 tiles in set.

Covers an area of approximately
46.5 x 46.5 cm (measurement includes 5mm grout gap between tiles measured from the front face edge of the tiles. Measurement does not account for any grout gap required on outside edges of the tile set).

Our authentic handmade tiles should not be compared to machine-made look-a-like imitations. Small variations should be expected between tiles such as: crazing; size; weight; and with the hand painted decorations. These differences form the unique character and charm of these genuine artisan pieces.

Handmade tiles vary slightly in thickness, size and weight. The length of tiles can vary up to +/- 6mm, although most will vary around +/- 3mm. When working with tiles that vary like this please see our installation page for more information.

1 x Dana Garcia
1 x Luciana
1 x Duena Delmar
1 x Caja Florale
1 x Eldora
1 x Juana
1 x Santino Vergara
1 x Jimena
1 x Norma Delicado
1 x Ariana Azul
1 x Jesenia Crusos
1 x Elena
1 x Ambrosio
1 x Ana Lucia
1 x Alma Sierra
1 x Mariana

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 cm
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